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This will be a movie about the Contrast of Civilisation and Nature.
It will be shown the City-life and in Contrast to this the Nature-life.
The Nature will be shown by their beautiful places like forests, Sees, beaches, the wildlife, and so on.
Then the City Pictures follows. Smog, Dirt, crowd of people, hectic, stress and so on. Then the Nature
again as comparison. But this time it is not shown for so long. The City Pictures again take overhand
and again the City life. This time with its Street Art and again its hectic Life and so on. Then again for
only a few minutes the Nature again, but this time a bit destroyed already. One Tree is crashing and
in transitions the City-Life again. There are Pictures about Nightlife, Clubs, and Underground scene
and so on. After that, the Nature comes in again but this time news reports about earth and nature
dying and nature catastrophes (for example the tsunami and so on) also pictures about war, destroying
nature and so on. After the Climax the bounce of the Nature and City Images are balanced again
and in the end of the movie, there will be some kind of conclusion and advice.

Das Video ist natürlich klein Gerendert und somit auch in einer schlechteren Qualität. Zeige es euch gerne, sobald ich wieder zu Hause bin. Über Kritik und Kommentare würde ich mich sehr freuen. Sagt mir, was Ihr von diesem Projekt haltet. Bin mal gespannt, was so alles dabei rauskommt.



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